Tip O’ the Hat to Stephen Colbert

Normally, we don’t highlight famous people using disposable pens, but Stephen Colbert earns our special recognition for his use of a gel click pen by Pilot.

Why? Because he just proved himself to be the world’s greatest pen salesman!

“Wait, Nathaniel,” you say. “Greatest satirist we can buy, but greatest pen salesman? How do you figure?”

On Thursday March 13th’s show, he announced that the Pilot pen company has bought back from him their click pen he used on the show for a stunning $5,000!

I have sold thousands of pens in the past decade. A few even broke the $5,000 threshold, but not one was a disposable pen sold back to its original company for $5k! Heck, I don’t even carry Pilot click pens. Maybe I should start!

Around here, we think that has got to be a record and worthy of the title for world’s greatest pen salesman.

Sure, it might have helped that he donated the money to the nonprofit Yellow Ribbon Foundation, which helps America’s military veterans, but the sale still counts in our books. Perhaps even more so for helping the vets.

For all of that Stephen Colbert, we give you our tip o’ the hat.

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