Another Fine Story in ‘Pen World’

October has another sizzling story by your’s truly in Pen World. In it, I delve into the undersung history of the humble inkfeed. Click on the images to see larger versions and enjoy a free sneak peek courtesy of editor in chief Nicky Pessaroff and Pen World Magazine. To read the whole incredible issue, be sure to pick up a subscription!

Click this image to read my latest story in Pen World Magazine. It is all about inkfeeds.

Here’s the cover of the October 2021 issue of Pen World Magazine.




Page 2

Page 3

2 thoughts on “Another Fine Story in ‘Pen World’

  1. David Silber

    When I started collecting old pens in 1969 (sic) they were all over flea markets. And antique stores. Then there was a small group of “fanatics” who still liked and wrote with ’em. About 30 years ago I opened a book and pen store in Vt. in the summer. That’s when I started learning and still am. Nice to read your musings.


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