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Catching Up Part II: Writing for ‘Pen World’

The editor of Pen World was reading through this very blog as he and the staff were working on the story about me in December and found my 4-part piece about helping to connect the generational divides by pen collectors. He really liked it and asked me to write my first story for Pen World Magazine!

The story featured in this April’s edition is a more journalistic approach uniting the generations. Having worked in newspapers for years and written for about a dozen different magazines, it was pretty easy to put that hat back on to report the story. Hopefully it will only be the first of many stories for Pen World. It is fun to write for magazines again.

Here it is with permission from Pen World. Most of the photography was provided by the delightful Laura Solon who is a big help at the Chicago Pen Show.

The cover to the April 2017 issue of "Pen World."

The cover to the April 2017 issue of “Pen World.”














Happy Hunting at the D.C. Pen Show

Hello to the members of the Black Pen Society. I hope this year's pin is as cool as last year's!

Hello to the members of The Black Pen Society. I hope this year’s pin is as cool as last year’s!

This is the thrilling weekend of the D.C. Pen Show, one of the biggest vintage pen shows in the country.

Sadly, we couldn’t be there this weekend, but all of our best goes out to the our friends who are buying and selling at this year’s show.

I’d like to give a special shout out to our friends in the Black Pen Society. You know who you are. Enjoy this year’s “secret” meeting. Sorry I can’t be there. The Illuminati got nothin’ on us.